Between the diversity of the Caribbean Sea and the density of the tropical forest, in a thriving and cheerful land, Unibán was born five decades ago. We transcend borders to take our products and services to different corners of the world, with a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility.

During our 50 years of history, we have grown hand in hand with our producers and collaborators and we have strengthened as a company that creates value, always having quality and honesty as pillars of our work.


The Colombian plantain is characterized by its exceptional texture and flavor, and is recognized as a tropical ethnic food.

Although it is often confused with banana – since at first sight they are similar -, the truth is that plantain is larger and thicker in peel, is always eaten cooked or fried (never raw) and can be consumed green or ripe; unlike banana that is eaten only when ripe. Moreover, in scientific terms, both are classified in different genera of the family Musaceae.